Trunk Shows

Nov 3rd – Nov 4th 2017: Cifonelli - Parisian Bespoke Tailor

Nov 3rd – Nov 4th 2017: Lavabre Cadet - French Bespoke Glovemaker

Nov 23rd – Nov 24th 2017: Marquess - Japanese Bespoke Shoe Maker 

Dec 7th – Dec 9th 2017: Anderson & Sheppard - Savile Row Bespoke Tailor 




The Cifonelli Bespoke experience starts by walking up the stairs of the 31 rue Marbeuf and pushing a large wooden door, always open for those with the curiosity to open it. The Lounge combines in a unique manner ‘art déco’ furnitures and vivid colors. Recently remodeled, the lounge has a unique atmosphere auspicious to finding your own unique ‘allure’ while feeling as relaxed as if you were at home. A secret cut, invented by Arturo is one the Cifonelli corner stores. This cut gave birth to the Cifonelli shoulder, reverted and shifted toward the front to insure a sharp, masculine stature, and an unrivaled freedom of movement. The cigarette sleeve came out naturally reflecting the natural position of the arm. Cifonelli will be personally taking bespoke commissions at ATTIRE HOUSE on Nov 03rd & 04th.

For appointments please contact us by email: or phone: 26199007.