Trunk Shows

Sep 27th – Sep 28th 2017: Roberto Ugolini - Italian Bespoke Shoe Maker 

Oct 11th – Oct 12th 2017: Turnbull & Asser - British Bespoke Shirt Maker 

Sep 27th – Sep 28th 2017: Sartoria Solito - Italian Bespoke Tailor

Nov 03th – Nov 04th 2017: Cifonelli - Parisian Bespoke Tailor 

Nov 23th – Nov 24th 2017: Marquess - Japanese Bespoke Shoe Maker 



Chihiro Yamaguchi founded Guild of Crafts as a bridge between British artisanal expertise and Japanese Classical Art. He is one of the select shoemakers still using the traditional hand-sewn welted technique. More difficult and more time-consuming, but the only way to achieve the highest-quality results. The founder of Guild of Crafts Chihiro Yamaguchi will be personally taking bespoke and MTM commissions at ATTIRE HOUSE on Sep 15th & 16th.

For appointments please contact us by email: or phone: 26199007.