Trunk Shows

Aug 31st – Sep 1st 2018: Igarashi - Bespoke Japanese Trousers Maker

Oct 2nd – Oct 3nd 2018: Sartoria Solito - Neapolitan Bespoke Tailor

Oct 2nd – Oct 3nd 2018: Sartoria Melina - Neapolitan Bespoke Leather Jacket

Nov 8th - Nov 9th: Cifonelli - Parisian Bespoke Tailor

Nov 12th: Turnbull & Asser - British Bespoke Shirt Tailor



Atelier Baudin will be returning to Attire House for his bespoke trunk show on the 20th and 21st of July. 

Ateliers Baudin create a dialogue between the customer and the artisan, to create precious eyewear with a unique personality. The Parisian maison is all about attention to detail and creating exceptional, artisanal pieces using traditional techniques. Renowned for enhancing noble and natural materials, including buffalo, antelope, zebu and oryx horn, and tortoiseshell.

For appointments please contact us by email: or phone: 26199007.