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  1. Igarashi Trousers Trunk Show

    Igarashi Trousers Trunk Show

    Igarashi-San returned to Attire House for his regular bespoke trunk shows on the 13th and 14th of December 2018.

    Toru Igarashi has dedicated himself to the art of bespoke trouser making. Based in Japan, he has become known for the quality of his hand-worked details and creativity. This was a rare opportunity to meet with him, outside of his Tokyo studio.

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  2. Cifonelli Trunk Show

    Cifonelli Trunk Show

    Fourth generation tailor Lorenzo Cifonelli personally took bespoke commissions at ATTIRE HOUSE on May 16th & 17th, 2019.

    Founded in Rome in 1880 by Giuseppe Cifonelli and moving to Paris in 1926, this legendary tailoring house is still entirely family run. The Cifonelli style has been described as a blend of British strictness, Italian lines and something distinctly French.

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  3. Anderson & Sheppard Trunk Show

    Anderson & Sheppard Trunk Show

    Leon Powell, the coat cutter and Samuel Labone, the trousers cutter from Anderson & Sheppard, was back in Hong Kong for their trunk show on 6th & 7th Dec 2019 at Attire House, taking bespoke orders and fitting appointments.

    Founded in 1906, the London based bespoke tailors Anderson & Sheppard is justly the most renowned tailoring house that follows the ‘drape’ style of cutting, which uses a touch more material in the chest and back of a jacket, to give the impression of a masculine upper body. Other prominent features of the house style includes an extended shoulder, a relatively low buttoning point, a suppressed waist and relatively open quarters, all of which contribute just as much to the overall flattering effect as that drape. Notable clients includes Fred Astaire, Noel Coward, Gary Cooper and the Prince of Wales.

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  4. We're moving!

    We're moving!

    After an amazing year in Wyndham Street, The Attire House team are pleased to announce that we will be moving the shop and barbers into a new location in early 2018, with some exciting new developments.

    Bar De Luxe will not be moving and will remain on the 30th floor of 8 Wyndham Street, as well as being treated to some small upgrades in the coming year.

    The doors of the 29th floor will close on the 31st of December but we will be available for any enquiries on the usual phone number and emails for the interim period, before we have settled into our new location.

    We will keep you updated on progress and look forward to welcoming you to the new and improved Attire House soon! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    The Attire House Team


    Tel: 26199007

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  5. Sartoria Solito Trunk Show

    Sartoria Solito Trunk Show

    Neapolitan maestro, Gennaro Solito, came to Hong Kong for the Sartoria Solito bespoke tailoring trunk show, on the 8th and 9th of June. While this was his son, Luigi's, 4th visit, it was the first time for Gennaro. We are very honoured that he made the journey to see us and all the Solito customers.

    The Italian family business 'Sartoria Solito' was founded in the 40s by the 'Maestro' Luigi Solito, who was joined at an early age by his sons Antonio and Gennaro Solito. Gennaro Solito was born in 1945 and when he was only ten years old he started to learn the first notions of tailoring guided by his experienced father. In 1966 Gennaro Solito opens his first own tailoring atelier in Via Chiaia, Naples. But after 4 years he moved his atelier to Via Toledo number 256 where he operates until today and which is, after 46 years, still the one and only atelier of Solito Tailoring in Naples. Gennaro Solito has been joined in the 90s by his son Luigi Jr. who started to learn on a daily basis the art of tailoring. 

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  6. Acqua Di Parma Event

    Acqua Di Parma Event

    It was our honour to host Acqua Di Parma as they launched two new men's fragrances, Colonia Ebano & Colonia Mirra.

    In addition, Yuriko Naganuma concocted two cocktails that perfectly compliment them.

    The SUNBOND (Suze/Cinzano Prosecco/Cinzano Vermouth) invokes the exotic herbal, fresh and sparkling aromas of Colonia Mirra.

    While CITY OF EBONY (Vecchia Romagna Brandy/Cynar/Bitter Truth Pimento Dram/Bitter Truth Orange Bitters) accentuates the citrus, spice and wood notes of Colonia Ebano.

    Aqua Di Parma Cocktails

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    A wonderful evening of fine tailoring & fine champagne. Thank you so much Krug Champagne , Cifonelli and to all who attended!

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  8. E. Marinella Hong Kong

    E. Marinella Hong Kong

    We are delighted to announce that ATTIRE HOUSE is now the official home of E. Marinella in Hong Kong! In celebration they will be one half of our Neapolitan Masters Trunk Show, together with Cesare Attolini on March 14th & 15th. Visit our Trunk Shows page for more details.

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  9. New Store NOW OPEN

    New Store NOW OPEN

    ATTIRE HOUSE is proud to open it's doors to our new and permanent home! 29th floor, 8 Wyndham Street, Central. Thanks to all who visited us at our pop-up, please come and visit us at our new location. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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