For our gentlemen's barbershop, we have aimed to create an environment that is a true escape from the city. Our highly skilled barbers will help you to relax and enjoy the full range of grooming services that we provide, including haircuts, wet shaves and facial massages. For a classic barbershop experience please call 26199007 for bookings.




Haircut - HKD550

Buzzcut - HKD300

Father & Son Haircut - HKD1000

Color - HKD1400

Perm (Including Haircut) - HKD1600

Down-Perm - HKD250

Styling - HKD250

Traditional Shave - HKD470

Trim - HKD320

Hangover Treatment - HKD400

Scalp Treatment - HKD900

HERR Full Service - HKD950

The Ultimate Full Service - HKD1700