For our gentlemen's barbershop, we have aimed to create an environment that is a true escape from the city. Our highly skilled barbers will help you to relax and enjoy the full range of grooming services that we provide, including haircuts, wet shaves and facial massages.

The Attire House barbershop is a cosy grooming space for the discerning. Staffed by Seoul veteran Roy Jeong, the head barber and Yan, the experience here hews closely to home base. Roy and Yan specialise in a diligent and unhurried style of barbering: emphasising the consultative phase that frequently goes overlooked in contemporary grooming. Styling products come courtesy of JS Sloane (a New York-based brand which makes everything in-house) while delightfully scented shaving lathers are sourced from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

For a classic barbershop experience please call 26199007 for bookings.




Haircut - HKD580

Back and Side Cut - HKD330

Kid's Cut (For Children Age Under 14) - HKD380

Father & Son (For Children Age Under 14) Haircut - HKD900

Headshave - HKD400

Color (Including Haircut) - HKD1500

Perm (Including Haircut) - HKD1500

Down-Perm - HKD250

Styling - HKD150

Traditional Shave - HKD490

Beard Trim - HKD320

Hangover Treatment - HKD300

Full Service (Bespoke Haircut and Traditional Shave) - HKD1000